Mission Statement

Aurora’s business philosophy is based on continuing to push the envelope in technology. Taking the ‘hands off’ approach to manufacturing, and instead leveraging automation, allows us to maximize efficiency and provide consistent quality and lower operational costs. This equates to better quality, competitive pricing and quicker delivery times.


Our Focus


Provide eyewear with superior quality and workmanship


Provide professional and committed customer service, marketing and sales support


Exceed customer expectations in service, quality, delivery and value

Company Information

Mr. David Chao, Founder and CEO of Aurora, has been a pioneer in the optical industry for over 35 years.  His inventions and patents have revolutionized the eye-wear business for years.  About 10 years ago, before all others, he brought eye-wear manufacturing to inland China, to leverage the lower wages and energy costs. Now, yet again, given his drive for innovation and thinking outside the box, he is separating Aurora from the others by maximizing automation in all facets of eye-wear manufacturing.  Also, adding to his impressive array of accomplishments, he is one of the largest holders of USA patents in eye-wear; a leader that will ensure your eyewear projects are given the best attention.

Competitive Edge

The competitive aspects which distinguish Aurora in the worldwide eyewear sector:

  • Highly automated manufacturing capabilities
  • A strategically located inland China factory that is cost effective
  • Turn-key design offerings from concept, drawing, prototyping to manufacturing
  • Experts in all aspects of optical, sunglasses, readers, safety glasses, medical glasses and 3D glasses design and manufacturing
  • Competent in all materials: acetate, injection, monel, stainless steal and titanium 
  • Highly professional and experienced Customer Service
  • US based design, sales, marketing and support team
  • Company is zero leveraged and pulls from over 37 years of eyewear manufacturing experience.

Product Development & Design

The integration of the creative process with the production one has been tested through years of experience and success.

Trends conveyed by the design studios, together with market analysis and potential specific brand innovations, lead to the creation of model prototypes. The research and development areas then become involved, outlining a proposal for materials and processes with various positions involved – product developer who liaises with product design, product direction, and brand direction – this then leads to the selection of CAD drawings and a request for prototypes, which are then sent for approval. The approved prototypes pass to the industrialization stage, where 3D CAD rendering is applied and operational (equipment) planning is carried out, this leads to the production of sales samples and the subsequent release of the first batch for production.




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Factory & Design Engineers


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Chiayi, China

Customer Service & Design Team


California, USA

Design, Marketing & Sales Office

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